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The Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) at The World Bank Group works to improve World Bank Group development results through excellence in evaluation. IEG and GV Advisory are partnering to develop a data strategy that will support IEG by providing a comprehensive vision and actionable foundation for all of IEG’s data-related/-dependent activities. 

The Headwaters Foundation is a change-making foundation practicing Trust-Based Philanthropy to further their vision: a Western Montana where all people, especially the most vulnerable among us, are healthy and thriving. Headwaters and GV Advisory are partnering to develop an innovative, holistic Knowledge Management system and practice. 

Qri ("query") is free & open-source dataset versioning software. Qri's doing for data what open source did to software, and people often talk about Qri as "git" or "Github" for data. GV Advisory and Qri are collaborating to examine foundation (philanthropy)-centric data to facilitate field-building and collaboration for data culture in the domestic and international social sector. 

(Qri has recently released its first desktop app, and is currently working to build a network around dataset discovery and sharing qri.cloud!) 

GV Advisory has partnered with Oxfam America’s ICT4D (Information and Communications Technologies for Development) team and Microsoft Philanthropies' AI for Good team to develop programmatic use cases for responsible data management. This work supports an enabling environment for effective and ethical data use and a rights-based approach to technology in the INGO sector.

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