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The Data Ecosystem Diagnostic (DED) Framework leverages a systems driver approach to identify strengths, gaps, and mission-aligned opportunities in a given data ecosystem. Data ecosystems exist at many levels: organizational, governmental, social, etc., and are comprised of data (structured and unstructured), systems (social and technological), people, processes, and their interactions. 

Organizational data culture and data ecosystem health

A guiding principle of this approach is one of manageable tasks: data use in the social sector is a nebulous (and at times, overwhelming) issue—this framework helps to root-cause data use and capacity issues to highlight high-impact, sustainable solutions in and outside of organizations. The DED Framework is iterative: it can (and should) be modified with varying social lenses.


This framework is open source and iterative – GV Advisory hopes to participate in the ongoing discussion about how to best measure (or not!) and contribute to inclusive and equitable social impact.

It's informed by conversations with colleagues and It borrows from some of GV's favorite resources.

The Data Ecosystem Diagnostic Framework was last updated April 22, 2019 by Genevieve Smith & Chris Stalker.