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GV Advisory stands in full support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

GV Advisory stands in full support of the police abolition and prison abolition movements.

As a white woman, I’m listening, learning, and sharing those learnings with white friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

The spaces in which I work—nonprofit services, philanthropy, academia, and entrepreneur-land—are spaces in which white supremacy and anti-blackness are consistently upheld. Some of my own complicity in upholding and perpetuating white supremacy has been assuming that the spaces in which I work are anti-racist and staying quiet—not to mention exploiting the system to my benefit. But the origins of philanthropy have been driven by charity, not solidarity, and have often done more harm than good.

I adore my colleagues, and I adore my work—I have also built my career based on the idea that in order to change the system, I must play by the system’s rules and use the system to my benefit. That’s something that I’ve been able to do because of my whiteness, and it’s helped to reinforce an oppressive, unjust set of systems.

While I continue to dismantle my own internalized white supremacy and racism, I’m committed to using my platform and my privilege to contribute to larger, structural and systemic change. I’m tearing apart my frameworks and my approaches to this work to rebuild them to be explicitly and loudly anti-racist and anti-policing. I’m revisiting the tools I use and vendors I hire to amplify Black leaders’ voices and creations.

The fields in which I work have a lot of power. I hope to use my work as a lever to redistribute this power in solidarity, not charity.

If you are a white or white-presenting colleague, and this statement is uncomfortable to read, let’s please chat! If you are a Black colleague and any of this is uncomfortable to read (AND if you’ve got the emotional bandwidth and wherewithal), I’m open to correction and critique.

Black Lives Matter. We must invest in communities, not police. The ‘social sector’ must do better to support black lives and to dismantle white supremacy.

With love and solidarity,

Genevieve Smith