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"Genevieve is truly an inspiration! She is a coach with a refreshing perspective on leadership and personal conviction. She approached our conversations with empathy, and she knew exactly how to call me in on the inaccurate story I was telling myself. I have a new sense of confidence in my work and a commitment to myself and my career."


"Through continued conversations with Genevieve I’ve been able to find the confidence to advocate for myself, and the people in my community. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable in all things nonprofit and philanthropy, they come from a very vibrant background in community building and organization. They were able to point me in all the right directions on tenant organization, and examples of truly fair housing."

josaleigh pollett | project MANAGER | healthcare

"Genevieve's ability to approach real, emotional, difficult life situations with a data-driven framework has changed my life. In a world where my instinct is to always give my emotions and reactions a lot of weight by jumping to conclusions, i.e., 'Am I a horrible person? Am I handling this situation poorly?' Genevieve's coaching inevitably leads me back to analyzing my behavior in a gentle way with hard data. Her analytical skills are matched only by her empathy and love for others which is what makes her a great listener and advisor. She is the first person I call if I'm about to make a life-changing decision—not because she has the right answer, but because she cares enough to know how to help me arrive at the answer myself."

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