Genevieve's expertise in social change, organizational behavior, and data ecosystems have supported NGOs, startups, investors, and leaders across sectors. Through unique frameworks, empathy, and curiosity, Genevieve pushes for better. 

GV’s Data Ecosystem Diagnostic and Values Alignment frameworks map data and business practices to organizational values, theories of change, and mission. These frameworks not only increase efficiency, transparency, and collaboration—they can improve the very data and business practices they set out to map. 


GV’s workshops engage a broad range of people within and outside of organizations. Workshop topics range from data culture and data use to building trust and aligning work to values. 


GV also offers strategic planning support, coaching, and network matching. Genevieve is an experienced facilitator who connects dots, people, and data to build innovative, holistic strategies. 

Genevieve has conducted Data Ecosystem Diagnostics for International Non-Governmental Organizations with a focus on international development. These organizations have seen an increase in program staff capacity, capability, and cohesion; increased data quality, transparency, and protection; and clarity of strengths and weaknesses in their organizational design and culture. 


She has implemented her newest framework, focused on Values Alignment, with a startup incubator focused on positive social impact. Her values alignment process has increased their revenue and efficiency, as well as has boosted their understanding of how change happens—allowing them to build everything they do around their values. 


Genevieve has facilitated workshops for foundations, INGOs, and startup incubators. Their staff have improved their concrete data skills, experienced an increased understanding for their organizations’ landscapes, their roles within those landscapes, and have built camaraderie and understanding within their teams. 


Genevieve’s strategic planning and theory of change expertise and networking abilities have supported a number of INGOs, nonprofits, startups, and investors. Her unique perspective and background help leaders to see possibilities previously invisible. Her strategy clients have seen an increase in efficacy, revenue, and innovation—all while approaching their work holistically. 

Genevieve believes that everything and everyone is connected, and that nothing is neutral. We’re all impacting each other and the world around us in some way—and not always in the ways we’d like. Genevieve works with organizational leaders, entrepreneurs, and networks. She is available for project-based work, contract retainers, speaking engagements, and other collaborations. Read some of her writing here, and dind her CV here

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