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nonprofit data can be messy.
We can unmake the mess.
Messy data + systems undermine your staff, funding opportunities and mission.
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GV ADVISORY is Genevieve Smith, a data-for-good consultant based in Brooklyn, NY.
GV works with social impact organizations to align their data to their mission and operations. 
Genevieve's expertise in social change, organizational behavior and data ecosystems have supported NGOs, startups, investors and leaders across sectors. Through unique frameworks, empathy and curiosity, Genevieve pushes for systems that work for everyone.

data ecosystem diagnostic

The Data Ecosystem Diagnostic (DED) Framework leverages a systems driver approach to identify strengths, gaps, and mission-aligned opportunities in a given data ecosystem. Data ecosystems exist at many levels: organizational, governmental, social, etc., and are comprised of data (structured and unstructured), systems (social and technological), people, processes, and their interactions. 


GV works with teams and organizations to design and facilitate effective and engaging staff and board retreats.  


While the purpose of a traditional data strategy is to most effectively monetize an organization’s data, GV partners with social impact organizations to design and implement data strategies to most effectively design, leverage, and protect data about various populations and social interventions. GV designs data strategies to integrate with organizational initiatives, priorities, and capacity. 

Impact strategy & theory of change

GV works with leadership and teams to build and iterate social impact strategies and theories of change: how are your day-to-day operations contributing to (or hindering) positive social change?
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