A world that works for everyone

is the destination.  

                             Values alignment &

                              learning in public 

                                 are the vehicles.

This is gv

Since 2014, I've been working with social change organizations, asset management firms, corporate leaders, and startups to address the 'so what?' of mission and values statements. I started GV Advisory to firmly plant myself in the spaces between private capital, public policy, and communities—the spaces where my penchant for asking pointed questions has proven most effective. I come to this work under the assumption that nothing is neutral: every action we (do or don't) take has an impact on the world around us. To build equitable, values-aligned systems, we must address our own misalignment. We must get comfortable in the uncomfortable, call each other in, and get accountable. 

We must learn in public. 

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I advise companies and social change organizations in aligning mission, strategy, and tactics.

Many of us have perfected our rhetoric: We're green! We're woke! We're empowered and empowering! We're working to end [insert social issue here] through [insert strategy here]. What do these words mean, practically speaking? What do they mean for our hiring practices? Our programming? Our vendor relationships? Our marketing? Our investments? 

My work is designed to identify and bridge the gaps between our stated values and our practices.


Straight lines are rare. At one point, I was planning on playing classical cello professionally. That quickly morphed into traveling the US with my best friends, playing music. At first we played fast and loud (and sometimes badly)—as I transitioned into playing softer, folkier music, I also went back to school to study economics. My musical upbringing shaped my understanding of the world and how to interact with other people in it, and my background in economics has provided me with a foundation for framing that understanding.


When I started working in the social sector, I had narrowly convinced a disabilities services provider that they needed a data analyst (that's me!). I thought I'd be off in a corner somewhere, running regression analyses to prove contribution to 50 years of social change—I quickly discovered there were hardly any data to work with. I started asking: "why?" ... the first of many. I've got some strong theories for some of these "why?"s—others I'm still exploring. I'm sure there are others I'll stumble on soon. 

One thing I'm confident about: social change is complex.


So it began: my journey to understand how to balance metrics, human tendencies, and lofty goals of social change. 


This unending journey has allowed me to bring my clients clarity of vision and purpose, strengthened team dynamics, and effective strategy execution. My work saves organizations time, money, and energy. It also mitigates risks to reputation, employee retention, and overall organizational health. 

This is humbling work—I learn more each day. I love sharing my knowledge, learning, and supporting folx' growth. 

I believe that we can do better.

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