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I began working with data in the social sector as an analyst for nonprofit organizations, where it became clear that we may not have the data and evidence foundations we need to understand, demonstrate, and improve social impact. I worked backwards from that: what does good look like? How do we, as a sector get there? That's a moving target, but I'm pretty sure the answer has a lot to do with people.


Informed by her time spent in social services and international non-governmental organizations, I've developed a holistic, iterative approach to building data cultures and evidence for understanding, demonstrating, and improving social impact with communities at the center.


This approach includes the softer stuff: workshops, facilitated problem-solving; and the technical stuff: what data exist to get you and your teams the information you need to best deliver on your mission? How will you leverage your strengths and fill the gaps? These pieces depend on and inform each other—I'm a big fan of systems approaches to evidence- and capacity-building. 


I work with nonprofit organizations, funders, distributed project teams, impact evaluators, and other field practitioners in an effort to strengthen the social sector's data ecosystem.