GV ADVISORY SPEcializes in LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT AND impact-oriented data ECOSYSTEMS + data culture in international non-governmental organizations, U.S. domestic social services, and philanthropy.
Genevieve Smith founded GV Advisory based on the idea that good questions and good data (used well!) will enable communities and organizations to implement sustainable solutions to systemic social issues. Genevieve has dedicated her career to understanding how human-centered data cultures support lasting social change. Since 2014, Genevieve has worked with social impact organizations to align their data and data practices to their mission. She designs data strategies, conducts workshops, and coaches community-based organizations, municipalities, international non-governmental organizations, foundations, and international financial institutions. She also partners with data scientists and organizational culture strategists to co-build the field of data culture for social impact.
Genevieve grew up all over the Western United States. She was convinced she’d be a (not so) professional musician until she read a few books about the ’08 financial crisis and discovered her passion for understanding why things are the way they are. She went back to school to study economics, and has been asking pointed questions ever since. Genevieve is passionate about field-building and data allyship: data drive funding, policy, and power—where are community voices in how data are used?